We´re on vacation from 29th June until the 15th July. You can book your stay on our website. If you have any questions please be aware that we will only be able to reply after the 15th July.  


Our holiday houses are idyllically situated on a spacious property in the heart of Lehde, surrounded by water and within the Biosphere Reserve Spreewald. You can easily find them by typing in Ferien am Fliess into Google Maps. Scrolling down further you will find detailed information about how to get there and parking.

Download directions as PDF

Getting to Lehde

The village of Lehde belongs to the city of Lübbenau. You will get to Lübbenau via motorway (A 13) coming from Berlin-Dresden. Take exit no. 9 and follow the road L526 direction Lübbenau.

Having reached Lübbenau first head towards the town hall and follow Ehm-Welk street towards „Schlossbezirk“ (castle district) until you reach „Lehdscher Weg“ and finally the „Dorfstrasse“ in Lehde. Your holiday house is situated on an island. Please park your car first.

Parking space free of charge

You can park your car on the parking lot of a restaurant called “Bauerschänke”. We have reserved 2 parking spaces for Haus anno 1750 and one parking space for each die Scheune and das Bienenhaus.

Entrance to the parking area is about 50 m in front of the “Bauernschänke” on the left, marked with no.1 on the map

Using a satnav just type in the following address: 03222 Lübbenau/Spreewald, Dorfstraße 2.

In case you need another parking space, please use the public parking lot opposite the bus station. You will be charged a daily amount on this parking lot.

Getting there / walking there

To get to your holiday house you will have to walk about 250 metres from the parking lot.
Using a satnav, just type in “Ferien am Fliess” to Google Maps and the location of the holiday house will be shown.

Directions for not using a satnav:
Go along the „Dorfstraße“ following the sign „Freilandmuseum“ until you reach a junction where you turn left. There you will see a thatched house and a sign „Opott“.

Follow this path until you reach „Lehder Hauptfließ“, go across the bridge and on the right hand side you will find „Ferien am Fliess“, marked with no.2 on the map.

On your holiday house you will find a box holding the key that you will be able to open with an individual code after 3 pm. This code will be sent to you in a mail prior to your arrival.

Luggage service and crossing by boat

Alternatively you can decide to book a crossing by boat. If you want to make use of this service please contact our caretaker Mr. Gerd Thiel by phone (03542-405526) one day before your planned arrival asking if the service will be available.

Using satnav: Just type in the following address: 03222 Lübbenau/Spreewald, An der Dolzke 6.

He will pick you up at the harbour belonging to the hotel „Starick“ marked with no.3 on the map. To get to the harbour turn left on the „Dorfstraße“ after you have passed the welcome town sign of Lehde at a bus stop (turning loop). After you have passed the hotel’s reception keep to the left until you reach the harbour at which Mr. Gerd Thiel will be waiting for you.

Please contact him again on the day of your arrival a few minutes prior to your arrival to avoid a wait for both parties.

Please note that Mr. Thiel will charge you with 5 Euros for the additional service.